Cue Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing… I took the midnight train going to Buuuurrrgggaaasss! 

Well, that title doesn’t have the same ring as the original. As the title says I’m on a train y’all! My time in Sofia is over and now I’m headed to Burgas for some fun in the sun. 

Sofia is an interesting city I had a great time with a lot of people. To me, the people is what made Sofia fun. The place is a great introduction to Eastern Europe and its shared communist history. You can definitely see that the city is developing and becoming more and more cosmopolitan. 

People have asked me again and again why Bulgaria. What was my reason to start out my trip in Bulgaria. The answer is simple, at the time of purchase it was the cheapest ticket that I could find. The truth is Bulgaria is just a short stopover for me. While that is the case, the people that I’ve met here made my first few days a whole lot of fun. I don’t have a lot of interest in Sofia or Bulgaria in general but it didn’t stop me from learning about the place as much as possible. 

Now, I’m on a train to Burgas. The one thing that I was really looking forward to during my Bulgarian leg is going to the black sea. The two most popular destination points to do that are Burgas in the south and Varnas, about two hours north of Burgas. Originally, I was just going to go to Varnas spend a few days in the beach then head to Bucharest. That didn’t turn out to be the case because unexpectedly an old friend from my South Korea days contacted me and told me that he lives in Burgas. So, here I am heading there to meet up with Dimitar. It’s always a good thing to explore a new place with a local. So this’ll be also a mini reunion of sorts. 

As I mentioned earlier it’s the people that made my stay enjoyable. I stayed in Hostel Mostel, a regular enough hostel but its staff definitely needs training when it comes to customer service. So my recommendation to anyone staying there in the future is, the place is good but be prepared to find out information for anything all by yourself. 

The days and nights in Sofia was a mix of hanging out with great roommates and going out to dinners and parks with great people you meet and connect with. That’s one of the joys of staying in a hostel, making connections instantly with like minded people. Rallying together against a common enemy. For example my roommates and I rallied against, a guy who will be referred to as Jet Engine because of his damn snoring. The first two nights I didn’t sleep ’cause JE snore’s could wake the dead. Two brave Swedes stood up to JE and had his drunk ass shook! Talking to Miguel, Yi, and Diana about deep psychological concepts then suddenly about women’s butts is just one of life’s little pleasures. 

Hanging out with Emma and Jessica and solving the mystery of who stole her towel was also a great time. Late night chats with Yi about life, and talking about life and love with Diana. Late night hangouts with Anthony, Arpit, and Ina, chats with Steve an American trying to get an esl job in Bulgaria was just plain awesome. The bottom line is that this is the reason why I travel and stay in hostels, to meet people and connect with them. 

So yeah, while Sofia is cool the people you meet there will be even cooler. Now, I’m in my second and last leg of my Bulgaria trip. Let’s see what Burgas has to offer. 

These are Jessi and Emma. Jessica has traveled the world over and is a great person to talk to. Emma (black shirt) is awesome but she got her towel stolen. So, if you see a microfiber quick dry towel let her know. #towelgate

That’s me on a train y’all! 


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