A Lesson In Generosity. 

It’s close to midnight and I’m in a bus heading towards Bucharest. I’m struggling with what to write for this blog entry. Then I thought to myself if someone ask me what’s the one defining feature of my Burgas trip, my answer would automatically be: “it’s generous people.”

The original plan was to go straight to Varnas and hang out at the beach for a few days then straight to Bucharest. Burgas happened because of a Facebook comment. Dimitar, an old friend from my South Korea days announced that he lives in Burgas now and he invited me over. I haven’t seen him in about 7 years. I always love it when I travel and I meet people from my SK days. So, with no hesitation I bought a train ticket and headed to Burgas. 

To say that I was warmly welcomed is an understatement. Dimitar and Ania allowed me to stay with them and fed me during my entire stay. Just look at this meal: 

Ania is an absolute genius in the kitchen. This is just lunch! Bottom line is that she can cook! They both opened up their home and welcomed me to their family and for that I’m eternally grateful. Also, look at their little guy. I was teaching him English and he’s a great student! 

I also came at a  opportune time because Dimitar was celebrating his birthday and I got to meet all these great people.

It was a great time had by all to say the least. Two of those great people are Artem and Nadya. They’re another great couple. I ran into them in the streets and guess what they took me in and fed me. Nadya is also a great cook. So, the lesson I learned is that Ukrainian women can cook very, very well and Ukrainians are generous and welcoming. 

Also, I got to meet Micky and he’s a good dog! 

All of them opened up their homes and for that I am eternally thankful. 

The one thing that I wanted to do in Bulgaria was to visit The Black Sea and I did. It’s beautiful and a great place to swim in. My days were just filled with going to the beach and going to the beach some more. So, I’d say everything that I wanted to do in Bulgaria has been done. 

Look at that water! 

Without the generosity of the friends I’ve made I know that trip wouldn’t even be half as good. They made my time in Bulgaria worth it and the memories that I’ve  made there will be always with me. 

Now, I’m on a bus headed to Bucharest, Romania and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me. 


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